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July 05, 2023 • English

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What does a Christmas Song Look Like?Maya led her fellow third-grade classmates to create bookmarks and use profits from the sales to raise money for Ukraine.

Uriah prepares to play the role of young David in his community’s play about the life of King David.

Sienna spends her free time fixing up an old motorcycle that will be sold at a charity auction to feed people who are hungry.

These stories may not make it into any mainstream news headlines, but, thanks to ReFrame Ministries supporters, kids who are putting their Christian faith into action have been sharing their experiences with their peers.

The stories, and many more like it, are featured in ReFrame Ministries’ Kids in Action video series from ReFrame’s Kids Corner ministry.

“Each episode tells the story of different kids who are sharing God’s story in a unique way,” said Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director. “The videos also include a biblical lesson that relates to the story and demonstrates Scripture’s call to share Christ with others through the use of our gifts.”

The videos, along with several more children’s biblical resources, are available to YouTube and social media subscribers—along with many other faith-forming resources for young families.

One Family’s Story

In Michigan, the Holman family has been using Kids Corner resources together for many years. Ten-year-old Luke first heard our audio program Liz and Friends after his sister played it for him. And he’s been a fan ever since.

Luke has listened to most of the show’s 20 seasons multiple times, both with his family and in his own spare time.

“I believe he may be the biggest Kids Corner fan that ever existed; he listens to it all the time,”

Luke’s dad, Harland, said.

In addition to listening to the program together, the Holman family spends time doing other activities to help young families grow in faith—enjoying family dinners together, going on walks, volunteering, and going to church.

Reaching the Next Generation

As more people learn about the many resources available from Kids Corner, ReFrame plans to develop a new smartphone app, more devotions for children and parents, and interactive Bible lessons. But that can’t happen without continued support from the people like you. You can support Kids Corner by visiting this page.

“We are old enough to remember the ‘old days’ of the Back to God Hour—w-a-a-a-ay back,” shared one family of supporters who wished to remain anonymous. “You are the new generation that builds upon the past and finds the present and future limitless. Keep up the excellent work, and we want you to know we have been supporters for a long time and pray for you every day.”

More Ways that You're Reaching Youth Around the World through ReFrame

God’s Word is going out to the next generation of believers with your help!

North America: People of all ages respond to messages in our Today devotions. A class of high school students responds to a new set of devotions each year by taking photos and writing reflections that relate to the topic presented that month. Students read the devotionals, look for daily reminders of the messages, and snap photos of them.

Ukraine: Your gifts allow young women to gather via Zoom to hear from our Russian-language ministry partner and grow in the hope of the gospel while also gaining discipleship tools that will encourage them to share that hope with others around them.

Burkina Faso: Your French-language ministry partners gather youth volunteers to share their testimonies on the radio and on websites. The testimonies address common issues that teens in West Africa are facing—from drug use, to pornography addiction, to other social pressures—and encourage them to seek God’s Word.

Indonesia: With her small group at school, a teenager named Teresia watches ministry videos and reads devotions that partners like you help produce in Indonesia. “The videos are really useful for my personal journey with Jesus,” said Teresia. “Before I joined the group, I really just heard the gospel at church or during school lessons, but now I have learned how to do daily devotions, and I’ve learned how to live according to God’s will.”

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