Grace and Prayer in Times of Need

September 06, 2023 • English

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Ronok, a devoted Christian who lives in Bangladesh, was looking for prayer support as he faced unemployment and financial strain. That request has now reached thousands of believers worldwide.

Because Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country, and because Ronok is the only Christian in his family, he often found himself under intense pressure to conform to Islamic practices.

“Ronok’s commitment to his Christian faith has even put him at risk of losing his job,” said Emily Vanden Heuvel, ReFrame Ministries' prayer ministry coordinator.

That job is one that he desperately needs to support his ailing father and the other six family members who rely on him.

"I need to work. Pray I keep my job, and pray I bring in enough money,” Ronok wrote in a heartfelt message to Emily.

Responding to Ronok's call for help, Emily assured him that a network of 8,000 individuals would be fervently praying for his protection and guidance.

"Encouragement, uplifting Bible verses, and links to appropriate resources are routinely shared with those like Ronok who seek support through prayer requests," added Emily.

Ronok was overjoyed when he received Emily’s response.

"This is my immense pleasure to hear that God has forgiven me, and a lot of believers are praying for me,” he wrote. “It relieves my heavy anxiety and sorrow that I carry. God assures me that he loves and cares for me in all respects! God gives us everything we require accordingly and on time! All glory and praise to him for ever and ever!"

Amidst the uncertainty and fear that Ronok faces, he finds solace in his faith. Referencing Hebrews 4:16, Emily reminded him to "approach God's throne of grace with confidence, seeking mercy and finding grace in times of need."

"This is my immense pleasure to hear that God has forgiven me, and a lot of believers are praying for me."

— Ronok

"Thank you for trusting in God with your prayers and for praying for others," Ronok added, expressing his appreciation for the support and prayers he received.

"Ronok's situation reminds us of the challenges faced by Christians in diverse religious contexts," Vanden Heuvel added. "His story calls upon believers worldwide to unite in prayer and solidarity."

If you would like to join ReFrame’s prayer team in praying for people like Ronok around the world, visit You can also submit a request of your own on that page.

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