Help Bring a New Start in the New Year

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Right now, people around the world are weary and desperate. After a long year of struggling with the effects of a pandemic, they are looking for answers and hope as they face the year ahead.

  • Christians or seekers are spending more time with family members who see the Christian faith as a threat. It’s dangerous to even mention the name Jesus.
  • People who were going to church for the first time before the pandemic lost their point of connection to the Christian faith.
  • With so much suffering, many are simply asking, "why?"

Even in these areas, in spite of threats of violence, abuse, fines, isolation, discrimination, and imprisonment, people are still turning to Jesus through their radios, phones, and computers. COVID-19 has allowed others to grow deeper in their relationship with Him. Because, with help from people like you, nothing can stop God or the spread of the Gospel.

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