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Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use ReFrame Ministries to help grow His church worldwide!

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December Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests for December

Hindi Ministry – India: Pray for a young woman named Swati as she mourns the loss of both her father and uncle. She has been in touch with ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team, praying with them and connecting with fellow Christians in her area.

Spanish Ministry – Cuba: Alcira receives ReFrame’s Spanish devotions and shares them with her friends. However, the post office where she lives is often unreliable. Pray that she will continue to be able to receive devotional guides and minister to her friends who need to know Christ.

Japanese Ministry – Japan: Please pray with us this prayer of protection written by a ReFrame Ministries radio listener in Japan: “I pray that my health will be protected and that those who suffer from coronavirus will suffer less. I pray that those who are in pain can be comforted and that they can pray to God for peace.”

English Ministry – North America: Pray for Crystal, who listens to our Groundwork audio program. She writes, “Pray that I have the strength to carry on and have patience with the family I’m living with because they do not believe in God.”

Chinese Ministry – China: Many of our Chinese web resources and social media accounts have recently been shut down by the Chinese government. Pray that the good news of Jesus will reach the people who have lost access to these resources and devotions.

French Ministry – Senegal: Pray for two young radio producers named Adèle and Isaac. They recently began partnering with ReFrame’s French ministry team, creating a special radio program for young Christians in Senegal, West Africa. Pray that their words will be a blessing to their peers.

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