Your Prayers Have Impact

Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use ReFrame Ministries to help grow His church worldwide!


This Month's Prayer Requests


English Ministry – Finland: Angela contacted our prayer ministry team and asks for prayers for her church in Finland. Pray for her church and the worldwide church today. “Pray for growth, financial protection, and helping hands. Pray for every church member, love for another, and strength to study the Bible and pray every day,” Angela writes.

Japanese Ministry – Japan: Pray for a man in Tokyo who says he has been accessing our Japanese ministry resources and attending church services and wants to learn how to pray. “Help me find the words to pray at various times and places each day,” he shared. Pray that he will be open to the Spirit’s guidance as he shares his thoughts with God.

Chinese Ministry: Pray for students at Wheaton University who will be viewing an art installation from our Chinese ministry team. May they learn about the spread of Christianity in China and how media ministry continues to help share the gospel in this challenging context.

Portuguese Ministry – Brazil: Members of our Portuguese ministry team are planning a family conference to share new ways to incorporate the Bible into family life. Pray that this event will help more families in Brazil access and apply Jesus’ teachings on a regular basis.

Grace during Synod: This month, representatives from churches across the Christian Reformed Church are meeting at the annual synod. Offer this prayer with us from our Today devotions, written by Portuguese ministry leader Hernandes Dias Lopes: “Loving God, only your grace can restore peace and bring forgiveness. Help us to work against breakdowns in our relationships. Help us to be agents of peace. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.”