Your Prayers Have Impact

Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use ReFrame Ministries to help grow His church worldwide!


This Month's Prayer Requests


Russian Ministry –Russia: ReFrame’s Russian ministry partners are publishing a new Christian devotional guide in partnership with a large church in Russia. Pray that the new devotions will be able to be distributed as planned and will encourage the 3,000 readers of the magazine in which they will be published.

French Ministry – Burkina Faso: Khadidjatou is a young woman from Burkina Faso’s capital city who listens to ReFrame’s radio programs. She recently connected with our staff, sharing that the programs are very helpful to her. Pray for healing for Khadidjatou as she suffers from a chronic disease and has had to drop out of school because of her health concerns.

Worldwide: On May 26, Ascension Day, we begin a season of longing for Jesus’ return and of preparation in the meantime. Pray that God’s people around the world will continue forward with the Great Commission, serving as Jesus’ witnesses “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8)

Indonesian Ministry – Indonesia: —Pray that ReFrame’s Indonesian ministry partners will continue to reach more people like Eny with their devotional materials. Eny watches Kata-kata Wasiat (“Testament Words”), a short video program that accompanies a monthly devotional booklet. “Thank you for your words and reflections,” Eny shared. “You are strengthening my soul.”

Japanese Ministry – Japan: Yamato has been listening to our Japanese programs about prayer, and he recently shared, “Thank you for your great broadcast. I want to change from a self-centered way of life to a God-centered way of life through prayer.” Pray that Yamato will continue to practice praying and grow in his faith.

English Ministry – North America: Pray for Michelle, who recently shared a request with our prayer ministry team: “I suffer from mental illness and trust issues, and it’s destroying my marriage. I want to be delivered from my negative thoughts and mistrust, and for God to give me his peace.”