Your Prayers Have Impact

Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use ReFrame Ministries to help grow His church worldwide!


This Month's Prayer Requests


Japanese Ministry – Japan: Pray for Yamato and others in Japan who cannot physically go to church. Pray that they’ll discover and continue to use online resources or radio messages to strengthen their faith. “The messages are a valuable source of sustenance,” Yamato wrote to our Japanese ministry team. “I listen to them every day. Thank you for your continued support of spiritual guidance.”

English Ministry – North America: Elise, a reader of the Today daily devotions, recently shared that she feels herself growing distant in her relationship with God. Pray for Elise and others who feel this way. Pray that these devotions and other faith-forming resources will offer spiritual insights for Elise and others who are going through spiritual valleys.

Hindi Ministry – India: Pray for believers like Rajesh, who lives in a remote part of India that has very few believers. “It’s very challenging for Rajesh to remain firm in Jesus when he is surrounded by so many different religions and false gods,” shared our Hindi ministry partner. “Please pray for the Lord’s help to overcome all these situations.”

Chinese Ministry – China: Chinese New Year (Feb. 10) is the biggest holiday in China and traditionally the busiest travel season of the year as people return to their hometowns to be with family. Pray for opportunities for believers to share their faith and hope in Christ during this season.

French Ministry – Burkina Faso: Our partners in Burkina Faso ask you to pray for peace and stability in the country. Many schools are closed because of terrorist attacks in areas where our listeners and their children live. Meanwhile, our church planting team faces challenges with the continuous movement of people who are fleeing attacks.