Your Prayers Have Impact

Without your prayers, this ministry wouldn’t happen. Please join us in praying for people who have not yet heard the Gospel. Pray that God will use ReFrame Ministries to help grow His church worldwide!


This Month's Prayer Requests


Portuguese Ministry – Brazil: Elaine listens to our Portuguese ministry programs in Brazil. She recently shared, “My baby, Nicolas, was hospitalized since he was born last May with severe heart disease, and yesterday he passed away. Dear pastor, your preaching and the Word of God have sustained us. Please pray for us.”

Hindi Ministry – India: Pray for people who feel too overwhelmed and busy to set aside time for God. Brijesh, a man in India, had felt that way before watching Jeevan Vriksh (“Tree of Life”) devotions, praise songs, and other biblical resources provided by our Hindi ministry team. Pray that Brijesh and others like him will continue to seek God despite the overwhelming busyness in their lives.

Japanese Ministry – Japan: Pray for people who don’t have regular access to God’s Word because they live in remote areas. A radio listener in Japan recently shared that he moved and can no longer access the ReFrame program he has listened to for years. Still, he’s been reading our devotions and is thankful for that. Pray that he might soon be able to access the program again.

English Ministry – North America: Josephine, a Today devotional reader, recently started a new job, and she asks for prayers as she begins this new chapter in her life while grieving the loss of her only son last November. “I’m struggling with depression and anxiety,” she wrote. “The pain is so bad that my heart physically aches, and the pain literally takes my breath away.”

Indonesian Ministry – Indonesia: —A young man named Vanno recently joined one of ReFrame’s listener communities in Indonesia. “At first I felt doubtful,” Vanno shared, “but I found new friends who filled their time with things that were beneficial for building spiritual life.” Pray that the young people in this community may grow to know and love God to live a life that reflects God’s love.