Celebrating 80 Years

ReFrame Ministries began in 1939 with a three-fold mission:

  • Proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord
  • Help followers of Jesus grow in their faith
  • Strengthen the church


The Back to God Hour is born

After the Great Depression halted radio production, the Christian Reformed Church Synod appointed a Radio Committee to begin a media ministry. In 1939, The Back to God Hour broadcast its first radio message in Chicago, Illinois.


Dr. Peter Eldersveld – First Radio Pastor

Dr. Peter Eldersveld was appointed as the first full-time radio pastor to broadcast The Back to God Hour. By the late 1940s, more than 250 stations had picked up the program.


The Family Altar first published

The first printed devotional, The Family Altar, was published. Within the first few months more than 40,000 people subscribed. In 1976 the publication changed its name to Today.


Arabic outreach begins

Our Arabic outreach, led by Rev. Bassam Madany, broadcast its first program to the Arab world.


Spanish outreach begins

Rev. Juan Boonstra began Spanish language programming.


Dr. Joel Nederhood appointed Radio Minister

Dr. Nederhood was appointed as Dr. Eldersveld’s successor as the voice of The Back to God Hour.


Six more language ministries added

Language outreach expanded to include French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. By 1979, our ministry had eight language ministries reaching 100 countries. In 1980, the ninth language, Russian, was added.


Children’s Ministry begins

Kids Corner, a children’s radio program, debuted on more than 160 radio stations. The Ark Clubhouse, a children’s television program, was produced and broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese.


Back to God Ministries International

The organization’s name, The Back to God Hour, was officially changed to Back to God Ministries International to reflect the growing scope of our mission.


Hindi outreach begins

The tenth major language ministry, Hindi, was added.


ReFrame Media – English language outreach

The English language family of programs was named ReFrame Media.


ReFrame Ministries

Our organization changed names from Back to God Ministries International to ReFrame Ministries. This simplified the way we communicate about our English programs (known as ReFrame Media from 2009-2020) and their relationship with our wider international ministries.