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Although many Latin Americans identify with the Christian faith, many do so in name only or don’t see their faith as something to be lived out every day. Instead, they draw distinct lines between their Sunday and weekday, spiritual and secular lives. For this reason, all of our Spanish programs bring a message of living out the Christian faith from a biblical perspective.

With your help, media professionals are learning that they too can use their talents to grow God’s Kingdom. Devotional readers discover that every day belongs to God and gain practical advice in how to apply these principles in their own lives.

Featured Spanish Media Outreach


Video Program: La Vida Ahora (Life Today)

Life Today is a weekly video series that applies biblical principles to daily life situations—from pets to science. The program airs on more than 200 TV stations throughout Latin America. Viewers can also receive La Vida Ahora on DVD or watch it on the ministry website.

A Story From the Spanish Ministry


Annie’s Acts 1:8 Mindset

July 09, 2021

Annie* grew up listening to The Back to God Hour, the very first radio program of ReFrame Ministries. And while much has changed for Annie in the last 80 years, she still listens to Groundwork, our reformatted version of that original program.

“I listen every Monday morning on my computer, and I enjoy going deep into Scripture,” Annie said.

For Annie, this small act of listening to a program jumpstarts her Acts 1:8 mindset. For she is sharing God’s...

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Every month the print version of our daily devotional is distributed to 5,000 homes.

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Our staff in Brazil and the United States produce programs to reach a potential 500 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide.

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Our radio and TV programs reach people in 30 countries.

Rev. Huascar de la Cruz

Rev. Huascar de la Cruz

“As a pastor for 15 years, I have been a proponent of finding a way to use tv, radio, and media to serve the churches. Now I feel compelled to accept this new role because I know the opportunities we have to share the Gospel even further.

Rev. Huascar de la Cruz earned his M.Div. from Calvin Theological Seminary and has since been serving the Presbyterian Church in Mexico’s state of Tobasco since 2004. Huascar’s appointment in late 2019 marked a new partnership between ReFrame and the Presbyterian Church in Mexico and a new chapter for our Spanish ministry. ministry. Huascar has been married for 27 years to his wife, Fulvia. He and Fulvia have four adult children.

More Spanish Media Outreach

Ministerio Reforma

Known for many years in Latin America as La Hora de la Reforma (The Hour of Reformation), the Spanish-language media outreach of ReFrame Ministries changed its name to Ministerio Reforma (Reformed Ministries) in 2012. The name helps identify us as the only reformed media ministry in the Spanish language and encourages listeners to be curious about who we are, especially reaching out to a new generation of listeners. Web visitors can download audio or video podcasts, read devotional messages on faith and life, link to our blogs and social media sites, find information about our radio and television programs, locate times and stations that carry our broadcasts, or correspond with Spanish ministry staff.

Radio Program: La Hora de la Reforma (The Hour of Reformation)

The Hour of Reformation is a weekly 15-minute evangelistic radio program designed to introduce listeners to the practical truths of God’s Word. The program airs on nearly 600 radio stations across 25 countries in Latin America.

Radio Program: Reflexión (Reflection)

Reflections is a 5-minute daily commentary encouraging listeners to think about life and current issues from a Christian perspective. The program airs on more than 400 radio stations throughout Latin America.


Video Program: En Perspectiva

En Perspectiva is a 2.5-minute video program found on TV and online discussing current social issues from a Christian perspective. Each episode presents biblical themes and encourages viewers to continue the conversation online.


Audio Program: Las Aventuras de Elisardo (The Adventures of Elisardo)

Developed in partnership with our English Kids Corner ministry, The Adventures of Elisardo uses drama and music to ignite interest in the Bible and disciple children as life-long followers of Jesus. A website with corresponding resources is being developed.


Devotional: Cada Dia (Today)

Cada Dia is a devotional providing daily meditation on God’s Word. The printed booklet also serves as a discipleship resource for those who request more information about the Christian faith. It is available in print, online, and mobile app.


Video Program: Vida en Familia (Family Life)

Our newest video program, this 2-3 minute video web series that discusses cultural trends in marriage and parenting and how we should respond from a Christian perspective.


Entre Amigos

Without abandoning the truth of the Gospel, Entre Amigos (Between Friends) is designed for listeners to consider different points of view on topics that we encounter in our world today. Entre Amigos is co-produced in partnership with Radio Moody.

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