Annie’s Acts 1:8 Mindset

July 09, 2021 • English, Indonesian, Spanish


Annie* grew up listening to The Back to God Hour, the very first radio program of ReFrame Ministries. And while much has changed for Annie in the last 80 years, she still listens to Groundwork, our reformatted version of that original program.

“I listen every Monday morning on my computer, and I enjoy going deep into Scripture,” Annie said.

For Annie, this small act of listening to a program jumpstarts her Acts 1:8 mindset. For she is sharing God’s Word with her own Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria—and ultimately to the ends of the earth.

Annie’s “Jerusalem”

Annie’s outreach starts right in her own place of worship. At her church, she leads a women’s Bible study. When she discovered that Groundwork also produced special Bible study materials for the book of Ruth, she was excited to share her favorite program with them.

“I think everyone in the group has read Ruth loads of times,” says Annie, “That’s why I appreciate something like this study, which helps us dig deeper.”

Annie’s “Judea and Samaria”

Annie makes a point to meet new people as they move into her hometown in Alberta, Canada.

“Both of my parents were immigrants,” she said, “so I grew up with an understanding of what it was like to move into a new community.”

Annie recently met a new couple whose first language is Spanish. To help in her conversations with them, Annie shares copies of ReFrame’s Spanish devotional booklets.

Through Annie’s many visits with these new members of her community, she learned that they were raised Catholic, and the devotions provide a way to learn more about the Bible. Annie also helped them connect to a church of their own.

What started as a simple invitation to read a devotional has blossomed into a new friendship.

The Ends of the Earth

Eny in Indonesia

Annie can’t easily reach “the ends of the earth” in person. But her support for ReFrame Ministries helps her to live out the Great Commission beyond her local community.

Annie has been a long-term partner with ReFrame’s Indonesian ministry, allowing her to help share God’s Word with people on the other side of our world.

“I grew up learning that we should be generous with what we have, and I have always taken that seriously,” says Annie.

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