"Overflowing Memories"

January 12, 2022 • English, Japanese

Azami and Lora may live on different sides of the planet, but they share a common experience. Both have left the Christian church at some point in their lives. And yet, both have returned to their church families while listening to Christian podcasts in the meantime. “Podcasts offer easy and...

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Sharing Today Devotions With Loved Ones

November 16, 2021 • English

Peggy and her husband, Jerome, were concerned when their nephew drifted away from Christ, but they found a simple yet effective way to share their faith with him. “Every day when we sit down for a meal, we open with prayer and close with a devotion,” Peggy shared. “When guests...

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Singing Praises in Prison

October 06, 2021 • English

September’s Today devotionals were written in part with a special audience in mind— approximately 13,500 prisoners who read the devotional every month. That’s because the devotionals, which are produced by the English ministry team of ReFrame Ministries, were written by Bob Arbogast, pastor of Celebration Fellowship CRC in Ionia, Mich...

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Overcoming Fear with Family Fire

July 20, 2021 • English

It’s the most repeated command in the Bible, but for people like Maureen it can feel impossible. “Do not be afraid.” Maureen struggles with anxiety and fears that stem from her toxic relationship with her husband. “He abused me and was unfaithful during every one of our 38 years of...

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Annie’s Acts 1:8 Mindset

July 09, 2021 • English, Indonesian, Spanish

Annie* grew up listening to The Back to God Hour, the very first radio program of ReFrame Ministries. And while much has changed for Annie in the last 80 years, she still listens to Groundwork, our reformatted version of that original program. “I listen every Monday morning on my computer...

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Experiencing That ‘You Heard Me’ Moment

June 28, 2021 • English

As a professional counselor in the Chicago area, Ginnette Yonkman witnesses a lot of brokenness on a daily basis. Words like “trauma,” “self-harm,” and “divorce” often appear in her case file. Still, Ginnette will never accept these cases as normal. “Divorce has become so common, so frivolous, that we as...

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Sharing God's Story in Jamaica

June 15, 2021 • English

Lois grew up in a pastor’s family in the country village of Frankfield, surrounded by the green hills of Jamaica. She looks back fondly on those formative years and on her parents’ 44 years of mission and witness to the people of Jamaica and to the world. She’s especially thankful...

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Groundwork Welcomes New Co-host

May 07, 2021 • English

When Groundwork's founding co-host, Dave Bast, announced in 2020 that he would retire in Spring 2021, our English ministry team began a careful and prayerful search for someone to step into his shoes. After a year-long process, we’re excited to introduce you to Rev. Darrell Delaney, Groundwork's new co-host. A...

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Groundwork’s Founding Co-host Retires

May 03, 2021 • English

Since our English ministry's podcast and radio program Groundwork began in 2010, Dave Bast has faithfully dug into Scripture and shared God’s Word weekly through the radio show and podcast. For the past 11 years, his voice has comforted and encouraged listeners with biblical insights and thoughtful reflections. But in...

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Prisoner Shares about Growth in Suffering

March 18, 2021 • English

Throughout March, Today devotional readers have been exploring different examples of growth in times of suffering in the Bible. The devotionals are especially timely for those who are reading Today from prison. About 13,500 Today booklets reach prisoners or prison chaplains who request them to share with inmates. Many of...

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