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Our French media outreach is unique in that it’s not based in one central location. Instead, ministry centers are strategically located in places where we can use media to strengthen local churches and ministries through partnership—a partnership in which you, too, play an important role.

In the last five years, partnerships with Timothy Leadership Training Institute and Words of Hope have enabled us to expand ministry in Burkina Faso and Niger. Here, we’ve been amazed at the ways God has used radio broadcasts, Bible studies, and video ministry to proclaim the Gospel.

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Video Program:

In Burkina Faso, young volunteers host a video series where they interview fellow peers about issues that youth face everyday.

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Worship In Kaya

Bringing Good Out of Evil in Burkina Faso

November 04, 2022

“God, even out of evil, you can bring good,” prayed Kurt Selles, director of ReFrame Ministries, during a recent webinar with Rev. Marc Nabie, ReFrame’s French ministry leader.

“Good out of evil” aptly describes the role that Nabie and his partners play in Burkina Faso and surrounding countries amidst years of political instability and violence. Not long ago, Nabie said he described Burkina Faso as a “poor but peaceful” country, however, beginning in 2016, terrorism has been...

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More than 21,000 people read our French ministry's devotionals in Haiti

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More than 2,000 people took part in our in-person Bible studies in Haiti

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Our volunteers connect listeners to churches and help answer questions that seekers have about the Christian faith

Rev. Marc Nabie

Rev. Marc Nabie

“My hope is to guide the growing church in West Africa with sound Bible teaching through leadership training, radio program, and others means.

Marc joined the ReFrame's French ministry team in Burkina Faso in 2015. Before joining us, he pastored a church and served as the director of the Léo Bible School. Marc has also been instrumental in planting churches in five villages in Burkina Faso.

Marc received a degree in theology from Faculté Jean Calvin in France. He and his wife Jocelyn have three children.

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Leadership Training

In response to the growing need for ongoing discipleship, we provide leadership training for the Bible study programs in Burkina Faso.

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