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At least 750 distinct people groups live on the 6,000 inhabited islands of Indonesia. More than 80% of the population associates with the Muslim faith, and only 15% identify themselves as Christians. Animism strongly influences the religious practices of tribal people, whether Muslim or Christian.

Because of the support from people like you, people throughout Indonesia are learning the Truth of the Gospel through radio and TV programs, print materials, a growing digital outreach, and leadership training.

Featured Indonesian Media Outreach

Yayasan Komunikasi Bersama (YKB) BTGMI Partnership Organization

ReFrame partners with Yayasan Komunikasi Bersama (YKB) in Indonesia, offering a variety of programs for all ages. The programs are summarized and linked at its main website and highlighted on its Facebook page.

A Story From the Indonesian Ministry


After School in Indonesia

April 28, 2023

Every school morning in Central Java, Indonesia, Teresia rides behind her mother on the back of the family’s motorcycle. If she’s lucky, she’ll be able to catch a similar ride from a classmate’s parent on the way home, but she usually walks.

Teresia’s parents don’t get home from work for several more hours, and like many teenagers, Teresia admits, she’s often used this time after school poorly.

“I was always very easy for my classmates to influence,” Teresia said...

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Our radio programs are broadcast over 95 stations in three countries.

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An estimated 742 local or tribal dialects are spoken in Indonesia, creating a challenge to reach so many diverse people.


More than 800 people gather in one of our Indonesian listener communities to hear God's Word and praise Him as a community of believers

Rev. Arliyanus Larosa

Rev. Arliyanus Larosa

Rev. Arliyanus lives by the motto "make others experience what we have experienced from God; receive what we have received from God." He has lived this out during his service as General Secretary of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Synod and in his current role as ministry leader. Rev. Arliyanus earned a masters of theology degree from Jakarta Theological Seminary in the department of mission and dialogue. He lives in Jakarta with his wife, Esther, and three children.

More Indonesian Media Outreach


TV Program: Gema Kasih Indonesia (Echo Love for Indonesia)

Echo of Love for Indonesia is a 30-minute weekly news-style TV program for adult audiences, featuring a discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian perspective.

Geku Giku

Video Program: Geku-Giku

Geku-Giku is a 5-10-minute video program for children. Episodes often offer activities or crafts for children to do that interact with God's story in a way that you might see in a North American Sunday school.

Ngulik Alkitab

Video Program: Ngulik Alkitab

Ngulik Alkitab (return to the Bible) is video program that encourages viewers to dig deep into Scripture with a Bible passage and reflection from members of the Indonesian ministry team.


Audio Program: Rencana Agung (Majestic Plan)

Majestic Plan is a daily 15-minute audio message designed to reach younger, educated audiences. It offers both evangelistic messages and discipleship content. The program can also be heard in 38 countries over and is translated into eleven local languages.


Devotional Audio Program: Kata-kata Wasiat (Testament Words)

Testament Words is a daily 5-minute audio devotional message for believers. The program is accessible on the ministry’s main website.

Kata Hari

Audio Program: Kata Hari Ini (Today’s Word)

Today’s Word is a 5-minute daily audio message designed to attract listeners searching for meaning in life. The program is translated and broadcast in eleven local languages. The Indonesian radio program can also be heard in 38 countries over


Devotional: Kiddy

Kiddy is a daily devotional booklet for young children, available in print and online.


Devotional: Teens for Christ

The Teens for Christ is a daily devotional for teenaged youth, available in print and online.

Renungan Pemuda

Devotional: Youth for Christ

The Youth for Christ daily devotional is designed to help middle-school youth live out their faith, available in print and online.

Devotional: Jendela Hati (Window of the Heart)

Jendela Hati is a daily devotional that touches the hearts of senior citizens, available in print and online.

Dalam Melodi

Videos: Injil Dalam Melodi

Injil Dalam Melodi (Gospel Melody) is a series of music videos produced by our Indonesian ministry team.


Video: Parenting

Should you let your child play video games online? How do I stop my children from arguing? This 10-minute video program offers parenting tips and advice on parenting topics from a biblical perspective.

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