After School in Indonesia

April 28, 2023 • Indonesian


Every school morning in Central Java, Indonesia, Teresia rides behind her mother on the back of the family’s motorcycle. If she’s lucky, she’ll be able to catch a similar ride from a classmate’s parent on the way home, but she usually walks.

Teresia’s parents don’t get home from work for several more hours, and like many teenagers, Teresia admits, she’s often used this time after school poorly.

“I was always very easy for my classmates to influence,” Teresia said.

Teresia found a new after-school activity

As COVID-19 restrictions in Indonesia began to lift, ReFrame Ministries’ partners there launched several new discipleship groups. While some of these groups existed before the pandemic, many had disbanded or needed to be re-established.

Most of these groups meet in homes, but a leader at Teresia’s school decided to start one for young people right at the school. About 25 students got together to watch YouTube videos produced by ReFrame.

“The videos were really useful for my personal journey with Jesus,” said Teresia.

With her small group, Teresia discusses the lessons with help from the group’s leader. They also discuss daily devotions for teenagers that are also produced by ReFrame.

“Before I joined the group, I really just heard the gospel at church or during school lessons,” Teresia said. “But now I have learned how to do daily devotions, and I’ve learned how to live according to God’s will.”

A Positive Influence

Now, instead of being negatively influenced by her peers, Teresia hopes that some of her friends will accept her invitation to attend the group with her.

“Please pray for Teresia so that she continues to grow in God and can be an example in giving good influence to her peers,” said Rev. Arliyanus Larosa, ReFrame’s Indonesian ministry leader.

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