Share God's Word in the Hard Places

Will you help share the gospel in difficult-to-reach places like China?

This past year has made it difficult for your brothers and sisters in China to share the good news. China’s government crackdowns on our websites, devotionals, and social media accounts have even left people without their favorite gospel resources. But, as you know, the gospel can’t be stopped. Right now, we are looking at new ways to use the internet for sharing God’s story using media.

Your Thanksgiving gift will equip our teams to share the good news in difficult places with new media:

  • New platforms: As new social media sites gain popularity, we’re building new audio and video tools to share with churches and seekers.
  • Print: We’re publishing new books and story collections by local writers to allow readers to dig deeper into the gospel while offline.
  • E-delivery: We’re developing new tools to help us publish books online safely, to allow even more people to access our print materials.

Our world may be hurting, but key partners like you are stepping up. Will you give a Thanksgiving gift today?

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