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June 28, 2023 • English, Russian

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A grade 3 class at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton, Ont., worked together to raise nearly $5,000 to aid war survivors in Ukraine.

The story of the small idea that blossomed into a significant fundraiser was recently featured on Kids in Action, a video series produced by ReFrame Ministries.

Kids in Action demonstrates how children actively engage in doing God's work,” said Ron VandenBurg, who directs the video series as part of his role as ReFrame’s children’s ministry producer.

Abigail, a compassionate student at Calvin Christian, felt devastated when she learned about the war in Ukraine. Her grandparents were living in the capital city of Kyiv, so she shared her worries with her classmates and teacher, first by asking for prayer.

The class responded with empathy and compassion, joining Abigail in prayers for her grandparents, the people of Ukraine, the country's leaders, and the hearts of Russian leaders and citizens.

Bookmarks for Peace

The class soon initiated a project they called “Bookmarks for Peace.” Originally hoping to raise $100, students designed, created, and sold bookmarks for $2 each. The students took charge of meticulously counting the proceeds and created a thermometer chart to track their progress. As news of their initiative spread throughout the school and wider community, more people joined in to support the cause. Donations poured in, eventually totaling an impressive $4,845.85.

The students presented the funds to World Renew. Along with the generous gift from the class’s efforts, World Renew has raised over $4 million for Ukraine relief, providing food baskets, cash transfers, shelter, and support services to displaced people in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

World Renew staff, along with ReFrame’s Russian-language ministry partner in Ukraine, Lika Roman, helped to provide photos and videos from that region for the Kids in Action video about the bookmark fundraiser.

Experiencing Solidarity with Ukraine

To celebrate their fundraising success, the class organized a Ukrainian-themed lunch, allowing the students to experience the culture and cuisine of the country they were helping. They shared traditional foods and treats such as perogies, cabbage rolls, and Ukrainian candies. The students also participated in several Ukrainian traditions.

“We made decorations and cupcakes that were blue and yellow—the colors of the Ukrainian flag,” a student shared in the video. “In the afternoon, we painted eggs, just like they do in Ukraine.”

Maya, the show's host, referenced John 16:33, reminding viewers of Jesus' hopeful message: "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Abigail's story—along with other stories featured in the Kids in Action series—demonstrates the positive impact that Christian kids have in God’s world.

“Abigail's story does have a happy ending,” Maya added. “Her mother traveled to Poland to bring back her parents, and they now live with Abigail and her family, safe and sound.”

ReFrame’s Kids Corner program, which produces Kids in Action, encourages viewers to share their own stories of Christian children who are making a remarkable impact in their community. To submit nominations or learn more about the program, visit or send a message through the show's Facebook page.

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