Finding Certainty in the New Year

August 05, 2021 • Russian

Natasha had a lot going for her. A professional athlete living in Moscow, Russia, she was attractive and wealthy. But when COVID-19 began to spread across her country and the whole world, her earthly riches began to feel trivial. “How can I find peace and joy in the midst of...

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Video: Russian Ministry Devotional and Update

October 23, 2020 • Russian

On October 22, we hosted a Zoom event with Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, our Russian ministry leader. Watch the below video to hear a devotional message and stories of God's work in Russia despite COVID-19. Video outline: 0:00 Introduction 2:00 Devotional from the book of Habakkuk and story of a listener...

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Finding Value Online and In Christ

July 20, 2020 • Russian

“There are so many people sick with COVID-19. How do we comfort someone who is sick with the deadly illness and without God's Word and truth?” This question, which came from a woman who follows ReFrame Ministries’s Russian programs, sums up what many around the world have been feeling. Unfortunately...

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Sharing the Gospel in one of the World's Coldest Places

January 07, 2020 • Russian

This time of year, the thermometer is only dropping further below zero in Siberia, Russia. This means it’s the coldest time of year in one of the world’s coldest regions. Making matters worse, jobs continue to be hard to come by in the city of Tomsk. Artur* wasn’t just tired...

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Christmas Lessons from Russia and Zambia

December 20, 2019 • Russian

The Christmas season often reminds Rev. Sergei Sosedkin of his friend, Edward. Edward was born in Zambia and he has a made-up birthday. “Growing up in a remote village, Edward didn’t know which day he was born,” says Sosedkin, who serves as our Russian ministry leader. “It wasn’t until the...

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A Risky Invitation

August 01, 2019 • Russian

“Please call in with your questions.” For members of ReFrame Ministries’s outreach team in Russia, this invitation sparks some of the best conversations between radio hosts and their listeners. But with no delay to their live, on-air radio shows, the invitation also comes with some risk. “When one man called...

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Kurt's Easter Lessons From Across the World

April 16, 2019 • Russian

By Kurt Selles, BTGMI Director One of my favorite Easter memories comes from when my family and I were living in China. We often attended church services at an international church that met in a school building. As Easter approached one year, parents wanted their children to experience the Western...

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Bringing Light to a Lonely Place in Ukraine

July 18, 2018 • Russian

Galina lives in a poorly-funded retirement home in western Ukraine. Yet she’s found ways to be encouraged and encourage others through her faith in Christ. As one of very few Christians in her 50-person home, Galina felt overjoyed when she heard that a group was coming to share a Bible...

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Ukrainian Churches Uniting for the Reformation

October 11, 2017 • Russian

When the Ukrainian government announced that the country should celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it was mainly for historical and political reasons. But the ReFrame Ministries Russian staff and ministry leader, Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, saw a different opportunity—a means to spread the Gospel. A year ago, the BTGMI...

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Why We Do That

September 13, 2017 • Russian

Written by Sergei Sosedkin, BTGMI Russian ministry leaderI host a live call-in radio program in Russia where we introduce a biblical view on various culturally relevant topics. People are encouraged to call and ask questions about the content. We receive a variety of calls; not all of them are friendly. ...

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