Reaching Refugees and Seekers

In 1980, ReFrame Ministries began radio outreach from Russia. Political conflict continues to create a tenuous atmosphere for citizens throughout Eastern Europe. In this setting, a generation of atheists and people not raised in the Christian faith are seeking truth and meaning in life.

With the help of friends like you, our Russian team is providing Gospel-centered resources to people ready and willing to have conversations about faith and life.

Featured Russian Media Outreach

Radio Program: Returning to God

Returning to God is a weekly 15-minute evangelistic radio program designed to introduce listeners to the practical truths of God’s Word.

A Story From the Russian Ministry


Finding Certainty in the New Year

July 27, 2016

Natasha had a lot going for her. A professional athlete living in Moscow, Russia, she was attractive and wealthy. But when COVID-19 began to spread across her country and the whole world, her earthly riches began to feel trivial.

“How can I find peace and joy in the midst of what’s going on today?” Natasha wondered.

Thankfully, Natasha didn’t keep that question to herself. Like so many others who have been stuck at home asking some of life’s most...

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Our Russian programs have a web presence in more than 50 countries.


We have the potential of reaching 145.5 million people in Russia and another 30 million Russian-speaking people from other countries.

radio programs

We produce 7 radio programs, plus several live online broadcast specials.

Rev. Sergei Sosedkin

Rev. Sergei Sosedkin


Russian Ministry Contact

Reach out to Rev. Sergei Sosedkin

“I’m thankful that our live radio audience and online media following are growing.”
—Rev. Sergei Sosedkin

Sergei became the Russian ministry leader for ReFrame Ministries in 2002. He divides his time working between Russia and the United States.

As a young Muscovite growing up in an atheistic culture, Sergei came to know Jesus through Christian programming on short wave radio. Included in the broadcasts he heard was a Russian language translation of ReFrame's flagship radio program, The Back to God Hour radio program. Today his own messages are broadcast across Europe, central Asia, and North America.

More Russian Media Outreach

Radio Program: A Private Opinion

A Private Opinion is a 3-minute evangelistic radio program consisting of weekly commentaries. It is broadcast on the Russian Orthodox radio network website.

Audio Program: 101 Questions Atheists Ask

101 Questions Atheists Ask is a one-hour weekly live audio program focused on Christian apologetics.

Audio Program: Difficult Questions

Difficult Questions is a live four-hour weekly call-in audio program allowing people to discuss issues and have questions answered from a biblical point of view. The program, also dealing with Christian apologetics, is broadcast on radio stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as a leading Christian radio network. Those interested in continuing the discussion can visit the blog at our website.

Radio Program: Bible Study on the Air

Bible Study on the Air is a 30-minute weekly on-air Bible study providing discipleship and Bible knowledge to new believers.

Radio Program: Two Plus One

Two Plus One provides 30-minute live interviews with Christian professionals and experts on local topics; we specifically invite at least one female in order to draw in more female listeners and participants in the live conversations.

Radio Program: Conversations

Conversations is a live 30-minute weekly radio program featuring interviews with Christian professionals and experts on local topics.

Audio Program: Nota Bene (Good News)

Nota Bene is a one-hour monthly audio program providing information about church-related news and events.

Radio Program: Dvoetochie

Dvoetochie is a live one-hour bi-weekly talk show to help listeners connect with the local church.

Radio Program: Talks Near the Microphone

Thinking Out Loud is a live one-hour weekly talk show providing biblical perspectives on current events for Russian Orthodox believers.

Radio Program: Culture Forum

Culture Forum is a live one-hour weekly talk show discussing Christianity and culture with a focus on reaching Russian intellectuals.

Radio Program: Great Books

A live one-hour, bi-weekly program focusing on Christian themes found in famous books and current bestsellers.

Radio Program: Mysli

Mysli are 30 second radio spots with short quotes from Christian theologians and thinkers.

Radio Program: Radio Specials

Radio Specials are unique broadcasts around the religious holidays or news breaking events.

TV/Video Outreach

In addition to our regular programs, we produce various Russian-language TV broadcasts and video programs in cooperation with local TV channels, ministries, and congregations. These videos can be accessed on YouTube as well.

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