Join Today Readers in an Outdoor Devotional Challenge

June 20, 2023 • English

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"Thank you for my verse every morning! It is such an encouragement. Today’s verse gives me hope and joy as I go forward into this day. Thanks again and have a blessed day."

At ReFrame Ministries, we're greateful for people like Regina who share ways that our Today devotional helps them grow in their relationship with Christ each day. We're also looking for new ways to help people grow closer to our Creator God. That's why, for the month of June, we've been challenging readers to take their devotionals outside.

"You could find a bench on a nearby nature trail, listen to Today on the website or via podcast while walking around the block, or even just sit in your own backyard," ReFrame's director Kurt Selles wrote. "The particular place doesn't matter as much as your willingness to experience God's goodness in a different part of his creation."

June's Today devotions, written by Selles, fit the outdoor devotional challenge particularly well as the reflections focus on Selles's experience walking on the Appalachian Trail last April and focus on the many occurrences of people walking throughout the Bible.

"As the main form of travel in the ancient world," Jeff Bulthuis, Today's managing editor, said, "walking is mentioned many times in the Bible. And in that context, walking can mean more than just going from place to place. In the Bible, the Hebrew word for “walk” (halak) can also refer to following God’s way as we live for God in his world."

Responding to the Challenge

Many regular Today readers have already taken up the challenge to read their devotionals outside, sharing pictures of their porches, backyards, and other outdoor settings where they've been reading the daily reflections.

"The Spirit had been prompting me to get outside each day," a reader named Ponchita shared, " to walk and commune with God in nature. I got a cup of tea and sat on the patio of my new home and read a few scriptures while a family of hummingbirds did their serenade. I just paused for a moment and looked at the beautiful magnolia tree with the beautiful blossoms. . .Being among God’s beautiful nature, the green gives me a calm—a canvas to paint a vivid portrait of trust and peace to keep in focus as I start my day’s journey."

"We sat outside this morning, and enjoyed the fresh air while we read the Today about Abraham's commitment to God's promises," a married couple named Mo and Nell shared. "The Lord will provide. A great thing to remember. Thank you for your experiences on the Appalachian Trail, and how you related them to the Bible and your spiritual life."

If you would like to participate in the challenge to read your devotions outside, you can email Kurt to share your reflections with him and other ReFrame staff. You can also send a picture of where you decided to do your devotions. You can see a few examples that were posted on social media below.

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