Today Devotions in Urdu

January 31, 2024 • All, English

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ReFrame's Today daily devotional is regularly translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. So when a leader from a Christian organization in Pakistan asked if they could translate the Today devotional into Urdu, we were thrilled at the possibility to continue sharing the gospel.

"Knowing the power of daily devotionals for strengthening faith and faithfulness," said Kurt Selles, ReFrame's director, "we were thrilled to be able to help Christians in this predominantly Muslim country produce a series in Urdu for use in Pakistan."

At the end of 2023, the first set of Urdu Today booklets were distributed in churches and digitally through WhatsApp.

Already responses of gratitude have begun to come in.

One pastor wrote, “Thank you very much….[Today] is very helpful in our daily growing spiritual life. Its size is so amazing that it can be put in the Bible cover with the Bible. It is a very nice, informative, and blessed booklet.” We praise God for this precious chance to help believers in Pakistan!

You can see pictures of the printing and distribution process of the first Urdu Today booklets below.

To learn more about ReFrame's devotionals in other languages, visit this page.

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