Ling’s Renewed Life in Christ

January 30, 2024 • Chinese


After a tragic incident sent shockwaves through the Chinese-speaking community, ReFrame Ministries’ Chinese ministry team stepped in for support.

On August 28, a Chinese Ph.D. student shot and killed his mentor, a revered professor at the University of North Carolina. He then went on to take his own life.

“This heartbreaking event shed light on pressing issues that young Chinese speakers face,” said Jerry An, ReFrame’s Chinese ministry leader. “Many students, both in China and those studying abroad, face incredible academic pressure, stress, and mental health challenges.”

In response to the tragedy, An and other members of ReFrame’s Chinese ministry team organized a special online event that included distinguished guests and Chinese speakers who may be facing similar pressures.

The event featured Professor Xiangwu Zhang, a Chinese-American professor at North Carolina State University. Zhang discussed the pivotal relationship between students and advisors. Dr. Lin Yin also joined the discussion, and offered insights on preventing personal psychological crises, while Pastor Harry Ma shared his wisdom on evangelization and pastoral ministry.

The event underscored the significance of creating a supportive community and providing resources that can make a substantial difference in the lives of those grappling with academic pressure and personal crises.

Another Near Tragedy

The UNC shooting was not the first time that ReFrame’s Chinese ministry team has offered a Christian perspective on mental health and academic pressure. One year ago, the Chinese ministry team published Ling's story, which offered a moving example of the impact of faith and community support during times of despair.

Ling*, a student at China’s prestigious Peking University, had always been a great student, but a devastating failure in his postgraduate exams shattered his self-esteem.

“After this failure,” Ling wrote. “I felt that there is no more hope in life, no more fame, no more money, no more power, and I wanted to kill myself.”

Ling said he was literally standing on the ledge of a building when he received three back-to-back phone calls from a Christian friend of his. She was inviting him to share a simple meal of chicken.

“I'd like to be a full ghost, rather than a hungry one,” Ling recalled telling himself. “ I'll jump after I've eaten.”

“This act of kindness from Ling’s friend reignited a spark of hope within him,” An said, “reminding him of the hope he’d once found in the Bible and the importance of human connection.”

Ling's experience led him to dig deeper into the teachings of the Bible, where he found wisdom and guidance that touched his heart deeply and eventually led him to become a Christian himself. And the woman who offered him the chicken? Ling ended up marrying her.

Ling's story demonstrates the struggles that many individuals within the Chinese-speaking community face - the overwhelming burden of academic pressure, personal crises, and the desperate need for hope.

“In the darkness of such moments, these students need a guiding light, a source of strength, and a message of love that can only be found in Christ,” An added.

With your generous support, ReFrame Ministries aims to ensure that more stories like Ling's emerge, bringing hope and transformation to Chinese students—both abroad and in mainland China.

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