2020-21 Financial Information

July 01, 2021 • All

When this fiscal year began on July 1, 2020, the whole world was facing great uncertainty due to COVID-19. Most churches were not able to meet in person and many people had lost their jobs or experienced reductions in income. As a ministry we prepared by reducing expenses where we...

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ReFrame Ministries is our new name: FAQ's

June 17, 2021 • All

As you may have heard, in June of 2020 our governing body approved changing our ministry’s name and tagline. ReFrame Ministries: God's Story. Today's Media. I want to assure you that the name and tagline are all that is changing—not the ministry, not our values, not our core beliefs. Even...

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A Faith Across Generations

June 28, 2019 • All, English

Back in 1980, Lori Persenaire lay in the hospital where she would soon pass away. She was only 20 years old, but cancer had ravaged her body. Still, Lori offered some encouraging advice for the patient on the other side of her room’s dividing curtain. “Lilian, I can’t see you...

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A Tribute to Jerry Jonker

February 28, 2019 • All

On February 25 God called his faithful servant Jerry Jonker home at the age of 98. A longtime volunteer, entrepreneur, and supporter of ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI), Jonker leaves a legacy of building ministry and relationships with ministry leaders, staff, and donors who became his friends. “Jerry encouraged thinking outside the...

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Korean Today Brings Hope to Many

October 15, 2018 • All

JungHee* found a copy of the Korean-English Today on the side of a California road. Feeling hopeless, she called the number in the back of the booklet, reaching JiYoung Song, editor of the Korean Today. “Her speech was unclear, to the point where I couldn't tell if she was speaking...

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Terry Greenfield: Leaving a Legacy

August 22, 2018 • All

Terry Greenfield has seen a breadth of changes in his 47 years as administrative manager for ReFrame Ministries. Terry, who plans to retire on August 31, 2018, carries with him a great deal of history. From September 1971 when he first walked into the Roseland, IL, offices, then known as...

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Event Celebrates God’s Gifts for Media Ministry and Higher Education

May 29, 2018 • All

More than 40 years ago near Chicago, microphones switched on at a new studio. Since then, audio messages, choir anthems, and television programs recorded in that studio have proclaimed the Gospel through the airwaves across North America and around the world. This was, and still is, the core mission of...

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BTGMI Building in Palos Heights Sold to Trinity Christian College

January 03, 2018 • All

After 43 years, the property of ReFrame Ministries located in Palos Heights, IL has new owners: Trinity Christian College.At its February 2017 meeting, the former board of ReFrame Ministries approved the motion to sell its facilities in Palos Heights, IL and move the ministry’s headquarters to the offices of the...

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BTGMI Enters New Partnership with Middle East Media Ministry

December 14, 2017 • All, Arabic

A rather historic event occurred on December 13, 2017. Rev. Ekram Lemaiye, director of the media council for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt (EPCE), Rev. Kurt Selles, director of ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI), and Rev. Jon Opgenorth, president of Words of Hope (WOH) met via video conferencing to sign a...

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Different Music – Same Message

December 06, 2017 • All, English

A Note from Dolly Strikwerda A sincere thanks for sending me a copy of an ancient recording of the Back to God Hour Radio Choir*! That really stirred a lot of memories. Meeting at the seminary early Sunday mornings, rehearsing, and then complete silence as we waited for the signal from...

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