You Can Shine the Light

April 16, 2016 • All

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Even in the darkest room, a single candle can’t be ignored. Light always outweighs the darkness. That’s how God intended it.

Our world today has so much darkness. Terrorist attacks, famines, war, disease, earthquakes, floods…the list could go on and on.

It’s tragic. But being surrounded by so much darkness also gives us an opportunity. An opportunity to shine the light of the Gospel.


Just like the flicker of a candle, the Gospel can change everything. It brings hope, purpose and joy even in the darkest of circumstances. Awa, who lives in Niger, has seen it in her own life.

“I am a teacher, but since I gave my life to Jesus Christ several years ago, my father and mother no longer speak with me. That makes me so unhappy. While studying one of your lessons on good leaders, the example of God coming to Adam and Eve touched me deeply. I decided to go ask my parents' forgiveness. Since then my mother and I have been talking again.”

Awa is still praying for reconciliation with her father. In the meantime, friends like you can continue to shine the light of Gospel to her and others like her by providing Bible-based materials in native languages.

The light that has been lit will never be extinguished, but there are still so many places — and so many people who have never seen the light, or heard about it.

Will you shine the light for them?


Your gift of $25, $50, or $75 will give people like Awa, around the world, access to the Gospel.

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