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January 22, 2018 • English

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Chris was born in Pajakumbuk, Indonesia in August, 1937. She moved to the Netherlands in 1955, and later immigrated to Nova Scotia with a family who became her in-laws. Because their farm was too far away from a church for them to attend worship regularly, Kentville Christian Reformed Church (CRC) sent them the Today devotional booklet to help nurture their faith.

“The Today booklet was always my steadfast connection to being a member of the CRC,” Chris shared.

Later Chris and her husband moved to Ontario where, she said, “I felt my only belonging was in a Christian Reformed church and I still do.”

The couple supported the Today ministry until Chris’s husband died in 2015. “I could not support the mission gifts anymore because my income was cut off and I can hardly keep up with my day to day living.”

ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries that produces the Today, is thankful for Chris’s heart, and all the years they sent gifts to make it possible for others to receive the devotional booklet.

And now, new Today readers have picked up the mantle of support to help Chris receive the daily devotional. The donations come from a variety of sources.  

Toni sent a gift with this note: “I am so grateful for the free gifts you have given me and my son. I am poor and grateful. It’s time to help others, so please accept this small token to help with the cost of producing the Today, so we can keep receiving the devotional. And maybe it’s enough to help others too.  for others. God bless you.”

Mary, who is on a low, fixed income, had not been able to contribute before. However, a car accident caused by another driver turned out to be a mixed blessing. “Their insurance paid us a small check, and my first thought was to tithe my part and send it to those who have been so generous to me with materials like Today, which has blessed my life so much!” Mary wrote in a note with her gift. “This donation gives me great joy to contribute a little at last! I feel that reading the daily message every night before going to sleep brings such peace, and I am thankful to you for making it possible!”

Ruth sent a gift in loving memory of her husband Jack who passed away in 2014: “As I approach what would have been my 70th wedding anniversary, I wanted to remember something Jack and I appreciated so much: the Today which we had read for 66 years together. I am sending a check in appreciation for all your good work. God bless the ministry of ReFrame Ministries.”

Rev. Steven Koster, editor of the Today and director of ReFrame Media, says, “We are grateful to Chris, Toni, Mary, and Ruth, and the hundreds of others who send in such gracious gifts to help share God’s Word through the Today ministry.”

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