A Joyful Journey

January 17, 2018 • Indonesian

Indonesian Sarkim

Sarkim lives in Kuningan, West Java. For nearly 20 years he has served as the coordinator of Elsadai radio listeners’ community for the Indonesian outreach of ReFrame Ministries.

BTGMI listener communities are formed by people who listen— together or on their own— to the BTGMI Indonesian radio broadcasts. The groups also gather for worship, prayer, and fellowship on a regular basis, and usually travel from rural areas. There are more than 260 active communities today.

“Our community members live far apart from each other,” explains Sarkim. “To visit them, sometimes I have to travel 3 hours by motorbike, continued by walking for 2 hours.”

Though the journey can sometimes be a burdensome and treacherous task, Sarkim perseveres.

“One day I heard your message on the radio that tells about Jesus’ love for us, so much that He’s willing to sacrifice Himself. Suddenly I realized how much Jesus loves me, and I started to do all my tasks with more joy.”

Every Tuesday and Friday the Elsadai community gathers for a prayer. Please join them in giving praise for this community of believers and for the faithful coordinators who disciple them in their faith.

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