"Thank You's" From South America

November 27, 2019 • Portuguese, Spanish


Every day, our ministry partners around the world receive notes of thanks from audio program listeners or video program viewers.

While each of those calls or letters are meaningful, BTGMI ministry leaders especially appreciate meeting thankful followers in person.

Brazil, Portuguese Ministry

In Brazil, Rev. Hernades Dias Lopes met one of his youngest fans at the annual family conference hosted by BTGMI’s Portuguese ministry team this fall.

Rev. Lopes caught Eliseu’s eye from a young age, as Eliseu had been watching him on television since he was only a year-and-a-half. As Eliseu began understanding the biblical teachings that Lopes shared, he became a witness to his parents.

“His parents were moved by their son’s love for God,” says Jacqueline Noguiera, who serves with BTGMI’s Portuguese ministry team. “So they began working with our family ministry.”

Now five years old, Eliseu was excited to thank Rev. Lopes in person as he attended the conference with his parents and about 750 other people.

“It was a time of growth in Word, fellowship, and restoration,” shares Nogueira “God did great wonders in our midst—restoring marriages and encouraging so many.”

Argentina, Spanish Ministry

When Sara heard that Rev. Guillermo Serrano was going to be at the media conference she was attending in Miami, Florida, she knew she had to thank him in person. Sara had listened to BTGMI’s Spanish ministry leader for many years from her home in Argentina and traveled to Miami for the event.

She waited for Rev. Serrano after he spoke and was able to speak with him. “I like your podcasts because in just a few minutes you are able to summarize important lessons for my own life,” Sara told Serrano. “I download many of them and listen from my workplace.”

Serrano has met several listeners in his 29 years of ministry, and he says that over the years, he has noticed fewer people taking the time to say thank you in person. As he transitions into retirement, Serrano says he will always appreciate Sara’s words of encouragement.

“Her testimony sounded rare in an age of quick communications,” added Serrano. “We give thanks to God for the opportunity to carry out this mission on behalf of churches, families, and prayer partners."

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