Ten Languages, One GOAL

April 29, 2016 • All

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You’re Sharing the Gospel to the World. Your gifts and support are sharing the Gospel with countless individuals from your city all the way to Tanzania and everywhere in between. The numbers below show how many countries are impacted by each language ministry through printed materials, digital media, television, radio or a combination of the four. There’s no denying God is at work on a global scale.

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Speaking the Right Language

In the past few years there have been some amazing viral videos about children who, thanks to technology, are able to hear or communicate for the very first time. It’s hard to watch those videos and not get a little choked up. I know I do.

Those videos are so powerful because they show how technology allows people to connect in a way they never have before. In the deepest sense, they demonstrate a powerful aspect of the Gospel.

The Lord saw us, impaired, imperfect and hurting. Instead of waiting until we came to Him, He came to us. He found a way to connect with us, right where we were. He spoke our language.

That’s why ReFrame Ministries is so committed to telling people about Christ in culturally relevant languages whenever we can. We don’t ask people to speak our language; we go to them and speak theirs. By meeting them where they are and speaking their language, we show them that they are important, just as they are, right where they are.

Because of your support and the continuing advancement of technology, God is allowing us to impact people in nearly every country around the world. I wish I had videos of people hearing the Gospel in their own language for the very first time. I know you would be moved to tears and reminded just how big an impact you are having on people’s lives all around the world.

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