Proclaiming the Gospel to Indonesian Children

May 16, 2016 • Indonesian

Btg Tdm 2016 05 Children Featurette 2

Over the past year, Indonesian youth in North Sumatra and West Kalimantan have been studying and discussing the Bible. Teachers using Indonesian children’s devotionals produced by ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) are helping students learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Delima is passionate about mentoring young lives. She works as a coordinator for a welfare community in North Sumatra. During a visit in May, our Indonesian team learned that she regularly met with a group of 5-10 primary school students in her home to assist them with homework and to share Bible stories.

Reverend Lukas Banne, the listener community coordinator for BTGMI Indonesian outreach, shares, “Since that visit, we have routinely sent Delima copies of our Kiddy devotional booklets.” Kiddy is a daily devotional for young children, available online and in print. Rev. Banne goes on, “We are thankful to report that the group has grown. Now there are about 35 children who come together every week.”

While Delima is mentoring youth on the island of Sumatra, Mr. Robin T. is reaching junior high-aged youth in West Kalimantan.

Robin, a Christian religion teacher at a middle school, works with 85 students. Ten of his students are Christians while the other 75 practice Confucianism.

The BTGMI Indonesian ministry team met Robin in September of last year and discovered his need for Christian resources to share with his students. “Starting in October, we’ve sent 85 copies of our Teens for Christ devotional booklets for religious study materials,” says Rev. Banne. In addition to the devotional, the team is also working to send whole Bibles since they currently only have the New Testament.

Robin asks his students to take notes while reading Teens for Christ and their Bibles every day. They continue to have weekly discussions in class about their faith-based discoveries.

Please pray that God will use these opportunities to open the hearts of these Indonesian youth so they will know Jesus and accept Him as their Savior.

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