Legacy Tribute: Abe and Elsa

May 16, 2016 • All

Abe And Elsa
Abe and Elsa

Abe and Elsa immigrated to the Chicago area from the Netherlands in the 1950s. Their early days were difficult, but they both worked hard, and God had a plan for them. They lived frugally and were able to purchase a piece of property including a small house and eight residential lots.

Abe and Elsa never had children. Abe worked as a school janitor and Elsa as a nurse. Their frugal living helped them enjoy their home and wait patiently until their extra lots sold. They invested the profits wisely.

As their finances grew, as managers of what the Lord had given, Abe and Elsa wanted to spread the Gospel. They participated in mission conferences and became interested in bringing the Gospel to Russia and China. They learned that one of the best ways to do this was through a ministry then called The Back to God Hour.

Abe and Elsa developed a love for this ministry. They prayed for all of the ministry leaders and visited the ministry offices whenever they could. Their involvement included working with the BTGMI Planned Giving Team to help establish a kingdom legacy through an estate plan. Through this they were able to give much of what they had earned back to the Lord’s kingdom.

Although Abe and Elsa have been called home to heaven, their legacy of ministry lives on. God blessed them so that they could be a blessing to BTGMI worldwide outreach. Many people have access to the Gospel because of Abe and Elsa’s generous forethought and heart for missions!

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