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May 25, 2016 • English

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Clarissa Mitchell from Collinwood, TN isn’t your typical Kids Corner fan, but she is loyal! Now in her 20s, Clarissa was born prematurely, resulting in several health issues, including blindness. She loves listening to the radio, especially music programs, and was excited to discover the Kids Corner stories back in 2009.

Although ages 6-12 is the target audience for Kids Corner, produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries, producer Ron VandenBurg says they have loyal followers of all ages, including parents who appreciate the parent resources available at “We enjoy hearing from older listeners,” he says.

Kids Corner is both entertaining and teaches a lesson that help listeners grow in their faith,” Clarissa emailed VandenBurg. “I like the episodes involving music. I also like a lot of the episodes involving characters who are disabled. I can relate to some of these episodes because I am blind. I want to say thanks for including episodes about such characters.”

Clarissa, who attended college at the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL, has not let her visual disability hold her back. She exercises daily, reads books, or plays trivia games online to keep her mind active. She took piano and vocal lessons at a music academy in Alabama and describes herself as “a music junky.” She continues working on vocal training through online courses and has sung solos in her local church.

“As a teen I was religious, but as I got older I realized I had to develop my faith myself,” explains Clarissa, who gave her life to Christ at the age of twelve. “You can't lean on somebody else's faith, like your parents or grandparents or anyone else, because what if they die, or they lose faith? What do you do then?”

Clarissa has downloaded more than 200 episodes from the website. She especially likes the Kids Corner episodes where the characters grow in faith through their struggles. “Human beings are not perfect and they will stumble and fall,” she says. “The other thing is that God helps you not to slide back into old ways. When you're a Christian, you are not yours anymore; you are His.”

Her comments encourage VandenBurg. “Our goal at Kids Corner is to create life-long disciples of Jesus.”

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