Planting the Seed

March 09, 2015 • All

Ann Plantinga

More than 50 years ago Ann Plantinga and her new husband, Jack, planted a tiny seed in the back corner of their yard. Today a majestic evergreen stands tall, giving beauty and shade to their home.

Ann and Jack planted numerous seeds over the years, not only in the fertile soil of their home in Burlington, Ont. Ann and Jack were also active planting seeds of faith in their church and community.

“If people don’t have the Lord they really miss something,” says Ann. “The most important thing in life is to know the Lord.”

Ann and Jack loved the ways ReFrame Ministries proclaims the Gospel through media not only in North America, but worldwide in ten languages. “Media ministry is so amazing,” says Ann, “because the whole world can hear.”

Ann Plantinga 2

Now a widow, the 91-year-old still finds opportunities to share Jesus with anyone she meets. Until a few months ago she was still delivering Today devotionals!

Ann prays every day for Back to God Ministries, for her church and the local Christian school. “It’s a mission. I feel like you have to spread what you hear and you get a blessing yourself.”

Ann also desired to plant seeds for future ministry. She asked representatives from CSS (Christian Stewardship Services) to help her with estate planning, so she could leave a legacy gift for Back to God Ministries and other Christian causes dear to her heart.

Ann prays the legacy she leaves will continue to grow God’s kingdom long into the future.

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