Having a Heart of Grace

March 11, 2015 • English

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“You’re only going to like me if I’m a Christian.” A youth pastor from Chicago heard these words during a discussion on faith between classmates in the local middle school cafeteria.

Children meet and build relationships with unbelievers throughout their daily lives. How do Christians grow youth into authentic Christ-followers and equip them to show God’s grace to their friends who are not Christians?

Kids Corner, a web-based audio Bible program, provides resources for young listeners such as these to learn how to put their faith into action. In a series that launched March 7, Lucille, a Christian character, wants to help her unbelieving friend. Lucille wrestles with the internal conflict many of our children will encounter – how to have a heart of grace when being a friend to someone who has a differing worldview.

Ron VandenBurg, Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry at Kids Corner, says “the goal of these episodes is that kids come away from the programs with a heart to serve and to show what it means to be a Christian through their actions.” As a follow up to each episode, the Kids Corner website offers family discussion guides and devotions to use alongside the radio program.

In addition to the discussion guides, the Kids Corner website has more than 20 songs free for download that complement the programs. “This month’s coordinating song “Leap of Faith*” is a special invitation to our friends that we will come alongside them,” VandenBurg states. “The lyrics remind listeners that Christians have an invitational and intentional role to be a friend and to show God's grace.”

Sharing our faith can be scary, and living it can be hard. Check out the Kids Corner audio programs and parent resources to help your kids build a foundation for their faith so they can live out their faith in their daily lives.

Kids Corner is produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries.

* “Leap of Faith” was written by Gail Poulsen and Linda Lensink, members of Jubilee CRC in St. Catharines, ON.

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