New Prayer and Support Group for Women

October 26, 2018 • English

Ff Facebook Group

Do you know a woman caught in a struggling marriage?

In early October, Family Fire launched a private Facebook group specifically for women who want to pray for their marriages to improve. The online ministry met a huge need. Within 24 hours, nearly 300 women signed up for the encouragement and prayer this group offers.

The BTGMI Family Fire ministry team offers ebook resources for hurting marriages. But now, through this new online ministry they come alongside women in an even more personal way.

The group is moderated by two female pastors, Family Fire program producer Deb Koster and co-worker Katherine Hirschberg. Both are seminary graduates with many years of ministry experience, as well as a combined 38 years of marriage and moms of busy households.

They come alongside the women who share questions and prayer requests about issues such as blended families or husbands who are not Christians. Women also share heartbreaking stories of abusive husbands and broken families.

“What is especially exciting,” says Deb, “is seeing how the women on this page are ministering to one another, promising to pray, and offering words of encouragement.”

One woman, whose marriage was healed and strengthened through Family Fire resources nearly three years ago, has joined the page to share words of hope for the women who tell their painful stories.

“No matter if your marriage challenges are large or small, any woman is invited to join our community and connect with other women facing similar circumstances,” says Deb. “Together as women, we can encourage and support each other with Scripture and prayer in this very difficult seasons of our lives.”

Deb adds, “We look forward to coming alongside women and praying them through the valley.”

If you or someone you love could use a support network please connect with our Facebook group. Pray that this group will guide women to make God-honoring choices in their marriages while walking together in community.

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