Muslim Refugees Seek the Truth

January 05, 2016 • Arabic

Btg Tdm 2016 01 Refugees Arabic

BTGMI worked in partnership with Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) to bring hope to Syrian refugees in Jordan.  

Alice,* a 50-year-old former civil engineer, volunteers with BTGMI Arabic ministry to disciple listeners wanting to know more about the Christian faith. Since the refugee crisis has increased, so has Alice’s passion to serve them. She uses her gifts and experiences to assist and follow-up with Syrian refugees – especially Muslim women.  

According to the UN Refugee Agency, more than 628,000 Syrians have fled to Jordan. Approximately 25% of them are women over the age of 18. When working with such women, Alice claims, “Many of them express a desire to know more about Jesus.” 

Alice refers these women seeking God’s Truth to BTGMI Arabic online resources. In turn, the women have told others about Jesus and our ministry. “In contrast to the jihad mentality, they are attracted to Christ’s words to love your enemy,” Alice explains. 

Our BTGMI Arabic ministry leader reports, “As a result of Alice’s connections, at least 1,500 people are visiting our sites, and a vast majority of them are Muslim.” 

Praise God for Alice and her courage in telling people about our Savior. Pray that the seekers she meets come to faith and build a long-lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

*name has been changed to protect her identity

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