Music Opens Doors to Hindi and English Ministry

August 27, 2018 • English, Hindi

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Tapan’s hobby was listening to music on his radio. But God used that for so much more.

Tapan lives in West Bengal, a state in India where nearly 70 percent of the people adhere to Hinduism, and where Islam is the fastest-growing religion.

Yet, through efforts in part by ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) the Gospel is spreading there too.

“Even in such times of distress, God is working mightily,” reports BTGMI’s Hindi ministry leader.

One day, Tapan was flipping between some of his favorite music stations when he heard a Christian message on a BTGMI program. The preacher was talking about real joy and peace.

The name ‘Jesus Christ’ made him freeze. The message touched his heart. Tapan continued listening to that sermon, and in the following days and weeks, he listened more and more to the messages and music offered on BTGMI’s Mahima Ke Vachan (Words of Glory) program.

Eventually, Tapan accepted Jesus as his Savior, all through his interest in listening to music on the radio. Tapan later reflected on his transformation with BTGMI’s Hindi ministry team.

“I did not have any peace in my life and neither had I known about the life after death,” he shared. “After I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, my whole life was changed and I became a very happy man.”

“My Lord Jesus has changed my whole life. He has filled my heart with an unspeakable peace and joy.”

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Think Christian

God also uses songs on the radio in North America to invite others into His presence. That’s why BTGMI’s online magazine, Think Christian discusses the lyrics from our world’s most popular artists.

One recent Think Christian post connected Childish Gambino’s song “This is America,” to Nehemiah’s laments in the Old Testament. And through comments like Timothy’s, we see how God is clearly using these thoughtful reflections to challenge others in their listening and faith.

“Excellent biblical and culturally relevant analysis,” wrote Timothy. “Great work! Let me slide this in my classics folder to come back and reconsider.”

Think Christian is produced by ReFrame Media, BTGMI’s English ministry.

“Listening [to music] is a spiritual act. Listening should be practiced and relished, not suffered and shunned,” noted Chad Ashby, Think Christian contributor and pastor of College Street Baptist Church in South Carolina on a recent Think Christian post on music.

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