Why Egypt Needs Jesus

March 18, 2020 • Arabic

Martin Web

The main reason that Martin Nathan has taken on the role of helping to lead ReFrame Ministries’s Arabic language outreach in Egypt is simple.

“Jesus Christ is really needed here,” he says. And in one of the most challenging places to share the gospel, he’s right.

“People in Egypt are afraid of the gospel. They are afraid of what following Jesus will mean for them and their families,” Martin says.

Martin, who was appointed as BTGMI’s Arabic ministry leader in late 2019, is transitioning into full-time work with BTGMI’s Arabic ministry team in partnership with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt and Words of Hope.

Challenges Ahead

Martin recognizes that he has a lot of challenges as he steps into this role, but also opportunities. And it starts, Martin says, with media that is both inside and outside of the church.

“Media helps us communicate Christ’s message both in our local church and also with the countries around us,” Martin said.

“Our resources, teachings, and training can spread quickly into the hands of many people.”
Already Martin and BTGMI’s Arabic ministry team has translated the Seeking God’s Face devotional into Arabic and distributed a printed version. Now they’re completing a digital version of a mobile application that can be accessed quickly, easily, and effectively by even more people.

Hope for the Future

“We just launched a new website, complete with new materials to help men and women in Egypt learn about the Gospel, deepen their faith, and walk with the Lord daily,” Martin adds.

Kurt Selles, BTGMI director, recently visited with Martin to encourage and support Martin as he adjusts to his new role.

“I saw the challenges the gospel is up against. And yet, I walked away excited,” says Selles. “Especially not when people like Martin are so willing to help lead the charge.”

Please pray that the gospel will take root in Muslim communities, as well as protection for those who are risking their reputations and lives to follow Jesus.

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