Why Egypt Needs Jesus

March 18, 2020 • Arabic

Arabic Update

"The main reason that gospel outreach is so important in Egypt is simple.

“Jesus Christ is really needed here,” our partners in Cairo have said.

In one of the most challenging places to share the gospel, they’re right. But people in Egypt are afraid of the gospel. They are afraid of what following Jesus will mean for them and their families. ReFrame has been partnering with native Arabic speakers for more than 65 years, but the changing landscape of media has brought new opportunities and new partnerships. Media helps us communicate Christ’s message both in our local church and also in the countries around us. This means our resources, teachings, and training can spread more quickly into the hands of many people.

A few years ago, ReFrame’s Arabic ministry team translated the Seeking God’s Face devotional into Arabic and distributed a printed version. The new devotionals brought new opportunities to help families grow in their understanding of God’s word and continues to offer daily prayers and reflections both online and in print.

Now, with the recent appointment of Rev. Youseff Adel Hanna, we see God continuing to bring new opportunities to reach young people with the gospel. Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director adds, “I see the challenges the gospel is up against. And yet, I am excited,” says Selles.

Please pray:

  • That the gospel will take root in Muslim communities, and for protection for those who are risking their reputations and lives to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for Christians in Muslim-majority settings who don’t feel safe sharing their faith with others. Pray for God’s protection over them and for softened hearts.
  • Pray for Naji Umran, a missionary serving with our sister ministry in Egypt who is helping Rev. Youseff with new initiatives and connecting with partners."

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