Free Food from Jesus

February 28, 2018 • English

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Hands of Hope of Illinois is a Community Assistance Program whose mission is to assist in God’s business of caring for His children. “Our main objective is to share the Gospel through the giving of food,” notes their website.

Hands of Hope delivers an average of 90,000 lbs. of food each week. Their website also states, “[We] recognize that not all needs are physical and that spiritual help can be of equal importance. We are blessed to be able to share God’s words at many of the recipients’ facilities and churches.” 

In February, ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) made it possible for Hands of Hope to include “free food from Jesus” - Today devotionals - to their gifts of food, clothing, household goods, medical supplies, and building materials for those in need.

As the BTGMI staff in Palos Heights, IL cleaned out extra supplies from their ministry facility before it closes on March 2, BTGMI team member Ann Zacek visualized a use for back-issues of the Today devotionals. “The booklets dating back to 2005 were going to be tossed into recycling before the move to Grand Rapids, and we knew there was a better use for them!”

Ann and her husband Frank loaded 50 boxes of more than 18,000 Today devotionals into his van and delivered them on Saturday, February 18 to the Hands of Hope facility in Joliet, IL.

Frank, who serves as head counselor for New Life CRC’s Cadet Program in New Lenox, IL, is well-connected to the ministry. The Cadets and their families have been involved in Hands of Hope volunteer projects for the past three years.

Hands of Hope’s sign, which says Food from Jesus, communicates that they share Christ’s love by providing both physical and spiritual food.

“We are grateful that BTGMI could help give spiritual food through the Today devotionals,” says Ann. 

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