FaceTime and Sleepover Bible Studies for Kids

June 01, 2015 • English


Kennedy, like your typical pre-teen, loves to have sleepovers with her friends and connect by FaceTime when they can’t get together in person.

What may be a bit more unusual is that Kennedy and her friends have started a weekly Friday night Bible study. And when they can’t get together at someone’s house, they work through the Bible study discussion on FaceTime (an app that allows video chats on mobile phones or tablets).

Kennedy and her friends also like to listen to Kids Corner podcasts during their sleepovers. “I play Kids Corner when we are reading, going to sleep, or even just hanging out and talking,” she says.

Kennedy heard about the Kids Corner Bible studies while listening to the program one night, and ordered the materials for their Friday night Bible study. “We decided to do Bible study together because we felt a little bad about life for some reason and thought that it would help if we got more connected. It has been a great inspiration to all of us!” she told Ron VandenBurg, producer of Kids Corner, a ministry of ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries.

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Kennedy, who describes herself as “an outgoing, fun, happy person...who loves to laugh and sing and play on the middle school’s volleyball team,” admits the challenges of being a young follower of God. “I take Jesus very seriously. But, sometimes I haven't been known for acting godly. That is very disappointing for me.”

VandenBurg explains, “One of our goals at Kids Corner is to help kids become followers of Jesus. Our fun stories show kids their part in God’s Big Picture, and web-based resources help parents guide them on a lifelong adventure with Jesus.”

Kennedy’s parents have seen the impact of Kids Corner in her life. “It calms her down when she is upset,” her dad notes.

Kennedy says, “I LOVE that there are different adventures the characters go on. But, that they always tie in with God and the Bible.”

If you are looking for resources for the children in your life, to help them grow in faith and walk with Jesus, check out Kids Corner online—the fun audio adventures and all the other resources that have been helpful to Kennedy and her friends.

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