Las Aventuras de Elisardo

May 26, 2015 • Spanish

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Meet Elisardo, a school aged, lizard-like character who shares adventures with friends and occasionally makes poor decisions. Through realistic experiences, Elisardo and his friends are guided by loved ones to follow biblical principles and make godly choices.

Two years since conception, Las Aventuras de Elisardo is a program of the Spanish language outreach of ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI). The weekly half-hour radio show is produced in partnership with Kids Corner, the children’s outreach of BTGMI’s English ministry. The English version has been airing since 2000.

The process of using the English version of the program translated into Spanish seemed like a straight forward task. However, once the translation began, the Spanish ministry soon discovered the nuances between North American youth culture and that of Latin America.

Nancy Ayala, the Spanish ministry translator reports, “Translating the show can be a challenge at times. We need to translate the stories so they are culturally significant for Spanish listeners. We also have to make sure the Spanish songs fit into the audio time slots that were used for the English version.”

It takes a significant amount of time and energy to produce relevant material. The team’s goal is to have a new program every Saturday. This determination has proven beneficial.

“Over one hundred stations have picked up our programming,” reports Ayala. “We are in Columbia, Argentina, Peru and are beginning to promote the program in North America and Brazil.”

The mission of Las Aventuras de Elisardo is to present the Christian message to children and their families in an entertaining way that promotes Bible reading and understanding of the Gospel. We invite you to join in this mission. Spread the Gospel with Las Aventuras de Elisardo. Archives of the audio program can be found at

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