Exchanging Messages Across Languages, Around the World

October 06, 2020 • Chinese, English

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Readers of our Today devotional recently received an invitation to send messages to fellow devotional readers in China.

“When COVID-19 first hit China, I heard firsthand accounts from our Chinese ministry team about how the pandemic was devastating the country and its people,” said Rev. Jeff Bulthuis, Today’s managing editor. “So we asked Today readers to send an encouraging message to believers in China.”

“I’ve been amazed by how God has worked since then,” Jeff added.

Terri was one of the Today readers to send a message.

“It is so nice to connect with people around the world and share the blessings of our God!” Terri wrote. “No matter where you are, remember there are others who share your beliefs and wish you much happiness!”

Heartfelt Responses

Our Chinese ministry team translated Terri’s message along with the 128 others and shared them with more than 200,000 followers who read God’s word in Chinese every day, oftentimes the same passages that English speakers read in Today.

As Chinese-speaking believers read the messages from their North American brothers and sisters, they responded in kind.

“I'm moved by your messages,” wrote Fei. “Even though we don't know each other, and have never seen one another, I fully believe that we are family in Christ.”

Herb wrote, “I cried at the sight of your letters, out of love. Only in the love of Christ will strangers from thousands of miles away become a family in Christ that loves one another. I follow the epidemic that's going on in your country every day and I pray for you.”

For others, the messages they received from English speaking Christians, most of whom were from North America, helped break down preconceived notions of the “other.”

“When I was young, many told me that you were the enemy,” wrote Chengjun. ”But I know you are not. Instead, you are my friends. Now in Christ, I firmly believe that you are not only friends, but also brothers and sisters!”

God worked in a mighty way through this digital exchange to connect and encourage believers around the world. You can sign up for Today emails, including occasional invitations to send messages to other readers, at this page.

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