Secret Mail Carriers

October 01, 2020 • Hindi


“You can’t accept their help.” “You can’t sing that song.” “That is illegal.”

In North America, Christians don’t hear those phrases when we want to share what Jesus has done in our lives with others.

Yet in many parts of India, it is illegal to try to convert someone to Christianity, making sharing the Gospel extremely difficult.

“India is a difficult place to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ for several reasons,” ReFrame Ministries’s Hindi ministry leader said. “The government has moved to make it harder to evangelize. The caste system keeps people entwined in the Hindu religion. And access to radio and discipleship materials is limited.”

Over the past few years, new laws in many of India’s states have made it increasingly difficult to disperse magazines and Bible study materials through the government-run mail system.

Instead, when someone contacts the ministry asking for devotionals or Bible study materials, volunteers such as Mrs. Hiramani get these materials into their hands. Hiramani and other ReFrame Hindi ministry volunteers will deliver the materials to nearby readers on their way to work or the market.

Hiramani’s Growing Faith

Hiramani’s faith began through her sister’s connection to BTGMI’s Hindi ministry. Hiramani’s sister, a talented singer, recorded a song for a BTGMI radio program and played it for Hiramani. That small act eventually led Hiramani to go to a seekers meeting.

These events are becoming more difficult to organize, and they completely stopped when COVID-19 infections peaked in India. Yet as of August 2020, ReFrame’s partners in India have been able to continue meeting in person and even plan to plant more churches in the next year where they see a growing number of believers.

As Hiramani grew in her faith, she knew she couldn’t keep the good news to herself. She began promoting the Bible study course that she was a part of as well as other BTGMI Hindi ministry programs to her family, friends, neighbors, church members, and colleagues. She even got some of them to help support the production of these materials financially.

In the past few months alone, more than 40 people have completed the Bible study. Few would have been able to participate without volunteers such as Hiramani bringing the materials to them.

Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director, joins the Hindi ministry team in valuing your partnership too. “In this season of Thanksgiving,” he said, “we are thankful for Hiramani and for all who make these gospel-centered materials possible”

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