Video: Russian Ministry Devotional and Update

October 23, 2020 • Russian

Btgmi Sergei Sosedkin Studio Pic

On October 22, we hosted a Zoom event with Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, our Russian ministry leader. Watch the below video to hear a devotional message and stories of God's work in Russia despite COVID-19.

Video outline:

0:00 Introduction

2:00 Devotional from the book of Habakkuk and story of a listener named Natasha

9:30 Russian ministry update

13:50 What are specific challenges for the Russian ministry?

18:00 Other than radio, what other platforms is the Russian ministry using?

23:00 How are Russian speakers responding to the Gospel today?

27:45 Social media in Russia

33:12 A personal update from Sergei and closing prayer

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