Discipling Children Through Kids Corner

January 29, 2019 • English

Micah Benjamin Web

Spike, Morrie, and Mumbly Pete play a key role in developing Micah Benjamin’s faith.

“I have a lot in common with Liz,” Micah adds, expressing his allegiance to one of his favorite lizard characters in an online audio drama.

Micah lives in Holden, Mass. Two years ago the family discovered Kids Corner, featuring characters from the lizard town of Terrene. The stories and characters help kids grow into lifelong followers of Jesus.

Jeremiah Benjamin, Micah’s dad, appreciates how the Kids Corner characters get Micah and his three siblings thinking about real issues while entertaining them at the same time.

“A good example is [Terrene character] Chamy’s science and evolution background, which make it a struggle for her to reconcile her view of nature with the existence of God. Our kids have always grown up hearing about the Lord, and now they understand a little bit why some people might have a different perspective.”

Micah agrees. “I think the stories are really funny and the characters are all interesting. I’ve even learned some things!”

A few times when the Benjamins were too sick to go to church, they listened to an episode of Kids Corner and used the online discussion guide. “I appreciate that the new website ties all the resources together in one place for a given episode.”

Jeremiah sees how the audio series helps build a foundation of faith for his children.

“As the kids get older, I want us to be more involved with serving others. That’s challenging in today’s fast-paced, busy lifestyle, but we try to slow things down and make time to talk about God’s Word. It definitely helps when the kids are being fed biblical values even when we’re not at church or doing a devotional together.”

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