Discipling Young Adults in Indonesia

February 01, 2019 • Indonesian


As Christians in Indonesia mature in their faith and their stages of life, BTGMI’s ministry team offers four types of daily devotionals for different age groups. A few years ago, these devotional booklets reached a new type of audience—prisoners.

Rev. Glann Siahaya delivers the booklets to a prison in Indonesia’s Maluku province. There Siahaya recognized the opportunity to disciple a group that often feels that their life is at a standstill.

“[Siahaya had] the desire to guide and awaken prisoners so they could experience a good and meaningful life,” said Hetty Limarya, Indonesian interim ministry leader.

As inmates began reading the devotionals, they felt encouraged. Just a few months ago, a group of 20 prisoners began meeting twice a week with Rev. Siahaya, reading and discussing the biblical messages together and also praying for one another.

Because churches are few and far between on most of Indonesia’s many islands, discussion groups like the one in the prison provide discipleship opportunities. Gifts to BTGMI send trained leaders to more than 300 active groups like these.

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