A Family Christmas Tradition

December 01, 2016 • English

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Forty years ago Margie Hall’s family was on a fishing trip at Lake Red Rock near Pella, IA when they decided to stop and refresh themselves at a little wayside chapel by the side of the highway. There they discovered the Today devotional, and have been “refreshed and renewed” by the messages ever since. Today is produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries.

“At first, I read it like a book,” says Margie, now 78 years old. “Then I started reading the Bible passages too.”

She often read the devotionals at bedtime, but then Margie would take it to work with her and read the messages while waiting for starting time. Now retired, she still continues the practice of morning Today devotions and prayers.

Margie and her siblings especially enjoyed the 1990 Christmas edition entitled “The People of Christmas.” Margie and three of her unmarried siblings lived together and began an annual tradition of taking turns reading the daily message of that issue every evening during the Christmas season. After her brothers died, she and a sister, who lived farther away, kept up the tradition by reading the Christmas devotions over the phone until her sister passed away.

Margie is the last of her siblings alive, but, she still reads that issue during the Christmas season. “Last year I started with the introduction on November 30 and finished on December 29 with the devotional about Jesus talking.”

Margie adds, “I find the Today to be the most enlightening devotional I’ve ever read. I don’t know how my day would go without it.”

How about you? Perhaps you could start a tradition by reading this Christmas issue together—or over the phone—with family or friends. Today devotionals are available in print or online at www.TodayDevotional.com.   

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