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June 24, 2015 • Russian


Alexey lives in Moscow and like many residents he listens to talk radio. In the past he’s enjoyed calling in to programs to challenge the hosts. “I wanted to get the best out of them,” he claims. Listeners and broadcasters alike welcome this type of caller.

At a time when television content is monitored by authorities, Russia’s interest in talk radio is booming. In comparison to television, radio can be less restrictive, offering broadcasters the ability to engage in lively conversations, political debates, and discussions on the Christian faith.

Back to God Ministries Russian outreach currently hosts seven radio shows. “To respond to the expanding interest in talk radio, we are producing a variety of live shows that are carried on local stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev,” reports Sergei Sosedkin, BTGMI Russian team leader. “We discuss how the Christian worldview informs our daily living.”

Listeners enjoy engaging in the live, deep discussions. Sosedkin hosts the program Bogoslovskie Chteniya (Theological Discussions), where he answers listeners’ questions such as: “Who really wrote the Bible?” and “Do I have to go to church if I’m already saved?” He explains, “It’s not just Christians who call in. A host never knows what he or she might hear. Some callers are angry with the church or confrontational to Christianity.”

Instead of arguing with non-believers on the air, Sosedkin and his colleagues seek to present Christ’s love to callers—even in the way they handle the tough questions. “That requires a special gift of respect, patience and burden for the lost,” says Sosedkin.

Alexey, now a regular listener of Theological Discussions, recalls that when he tried to antagonize the hosts of the program, “They were always loving, patient and respectful.” Eventually that response was what drew him into the Gospel message. He began reading the Bible and today, Alexey is a believer.

Praise God for the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel on live talk radio in Eastern Europe. Pray that listeners like Alexey are touched by the transformative discussions our producers lead on the air.

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