Victories and Challenges

January 26, 2022 • French

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Members of ReFrame’s French ministry team in Burkina Faso who produced the program that Dianda heard.

Dianda found ReFrame Ministries’ French radio program and decided to give her life to Christ. Still, her conversion story is far from over.

“The enemy has made it difficult to share the gospel with people from Muslim backgrounds like Dianda in Burkina Faso, West Africa,” said Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director. “Because of family pressures, Muslim-rooted traditions, and sometimes even persecution, some Christians will never be able to worship with others or even meet another Christian in person.”

ReFrame Ministries’ partners in Burkina Faso share the hope of the gospel with people in these challenging situations by using media.

After Dianda heard a program that specifically addressed from a biblical perspective the challenges that women in her region face, Dianda decided she wanted to follow Christ. She was overjoyed to share her conversion story with ReFrame’s French ministry partners in her area. But she also knew that her choice had come at a cost.

Soon her family began mocking her for her faith in Christ, and she knew that without help, she would lose her new faith. She called ReFrame’s ministry team to connect with other Christians in her area and to receive additional resources and prayers for strength.

“New Christians and seekers still need someone to answer their questions and fill the role that church plays for those who can worship safely in person,” Selles said.

Every day, ReFrame’s ministry teams around the world hear stories like Dianda’s—stories of people who find God’s Word through audio or video programs and are transformed by what they hear. In many cases this becomes a lifelong transformation. Yet others in Dianda’s situation simply find it too hard to keep living alone as a Christian. For now, Dianda is still in touch with ReFrame’s ministry team, and they continue to disciple her.

“Thank you for your support and prayers,” said Marc Nabie, ReFrame’s French ministry leader. “I am glad to share God's blessing on our ministry through the partnership with ReFrame. In cases like Dianda’s, there are victories to celebrate, but also challenges to pray for.”

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