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September 15, 2016 • English

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Someone once said, “Change is like a freight train; you can either jump on or get hit.” One big change is rolling through ReFrame Media. Church Juice founder and project lead, Jerod Clark, has transitioned away to a senior communications role at another non-profit organization. We miss him greatly.

Jerod joined Back to God in 2007 and played a key role in reshaping the English language ministry into ReFrame Media. Jerod was involved in some way in the development of every program to join the ReFrame family. The team had an idea that the local church matters and needed encouragement to be better communicators. With a background in television journalism, With a passion, Jerod set about building Church Juice from the ground up to help energize communications in the neighborhood church. Since then, Church Juice has grown into a community of thousands, who recognize congregations work best when they’re well informed. In addition to hundreds of snappy blog articles, Jerod has authored several e-books, including the most recent, Graphic Design for Churches 101. He also served as ReFrame’s in-house graphic designer, contributing to hundreds of other projects.

We’re grateful for the awesome work Jerod has done with Church Juice and at ReFrame Media. “If I’ve done anything through Church Juice,” reflects Jerod, “I hope I’ve built a case that good communications matters. When a congregation understands their church’s vision and sees it playing out in real life, it’s hard for them to resist being a part of it. Communication doesn’t mysteriously happen, it takes intentionality.”

So, what’s next for Church Juice? To start with, the Church Juice community will march on. In the next weeks, a number of top articles from our library will repost. Then fresh material will begin to appear from a variety of new voices. A long term plan for the next chapter of Church Juice is in the works. We did decide to skip the Juicys this year. Going forward, fans can expect the high quality content to keep coming, emphasizing a common formula for church communications. Identify the felt need. Tell the story of how you can help. Keep people connected through consistent, simple, and clear communication. And always giving them next steps for deeper engagement.

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