The Time is Ripe

November 13, 2015 • French

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When Rev. Marc Nabie, ReFrame Ministries French coordinator in Burkina Faso, informed us of a coup taking place in the capital city of Ouagadougou mid-September, he requested prayers for his staff and country.

In the days that followed, residents had hoped the conflict would resolve with the two sides coming to a mutual agreement. However, the proposed agreement was rejected and as Nabie reported late September, “The loyal army decided to forcibly disarm. All army units are now converging on the capital. Hopefully the coup accepts the request to disarm; otherwise there is a risk of confrontation tonight. Pray for us; we live less than 5 km from the palace presidential and presidential guard.”

Prayers were answered. In the days following, the coup ceased and the general who headed the uprising confessed, “I have made a great mistake, we have wasted time, money, lives, and so many things, I am very sad and sorry.”

In light of these events, Nabie asks that we continue praying for his country and the empowering effects of the BTGMI French program, Choosing Good Leaders. The program is a Bible study and corresponding radio broadcast which focuses primarily on how to choose church leaders, but also lends a Christian perspective on choosing leaders in the political arena. This is especially fitting as the next presidential election is scheduled for November 29, 2015.

“Please continue to pray that the residents of Burkina Faso turn to God because the time is ripe,”Rev. Nabie says. “Pray also for our training and broadcasts of Choosing Good Leaders. This topic is so timely and will resonate with many leaders. Finally, please pray that leaders of Burkina Faso come to Christ."

Local radio stations report that the programs are receiving positive feedback. This enthusiasm has led the French team to request that the program series be re-aired the week following the final broadcast. Pray that these broadcasts will continue to shape lives by the Gospel.

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