Free Thanksgiving Cards

November 16, 2015 • English

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Looking for some creative new ways to focus on thankfulness during your Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Family Fire is offering a Thanksgiving gift—printable Thanksgiving Day cards for your holiday table. (Especially for those in the U.S.—many of our Canadian friends already used them and enjoyed this gift in October!)

Each card includes a Bible verse and a question to spur conversation and reflection about things for which we are thankful.

“The idea for these cards began with a Thanksgiving among strangers,” says Family Fire project manager Deb Koster. “It was our first time celebrating Thanksgiving in a new city, and we didn’t want to be alone. We offered an open invitation at our church, but we now had a new challenge--how to help this group of strangers feel like family.”

Deb adds, “Like most teens, my kids can be shy about making conversation with people they don’t know, so I picked up some blank cards from the dollar store. In each card, I wrote a scripture verse and an easy-to-answer question on thankfulness. Then, I set a card at each place around the table as an invitation to the conversation.”

Before they sat down, Deb asked her guests to find a card that they would be comfortable discussing among the group. After a little trading, guests quickly found a card that caught their interest.

“Over dinner, card by card, we shared laughter and thankfulness together,” Deb remembers. “Eyes became misty talking about a favorite mentor; people reflected on a special sighting of God’s grace; and laughter flowed over outrageous childhood memories. The sharing helped us to see our part in God’s story. Strangers became friends and God was worshipped.”

So now, Family Fire is offering you the opportunity to download these printable cards to enhance your Thanksgiving conversations—whether among family or strangers.

“Even if you gather with only familiar faces this year, we pray these cards will help you and your guests deepen your thankfulness to God and love for one another,” says Deb. “We offer these Thanksgiving cards as a gift for you to use as you demonstrate God’s love around your table.”

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