Raju’s answer to prayer

March 23, 2015 • Hindi

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**Raju and his sister. For their safety, we need to blur their faces.

I am seventeen years old and I experienced incredible suffering from a medical condition in which the topmost layer of my skin just peeled off on a regular basis. This exposed my inner skin to infections and constant pain.

It pained my parents to see me suffer like this but there was little they could do. We are a middle class family and my father earns enough to run our household. With young children still dependent on him, he has not been able to save much money.

Despite their meager earnings, my parents took me to several physicians and skin specialists, but no one could do much to help me. They even took me to a witch doctor; he couldn’t help either.

One day a friend introduced us to someone he thought could help. We discovered this man was a Christian. When we told him of my plight, he told us about Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world who could heal me if it was in God’s will.

My parents figured they had nothing to lose and everything to gain if indeed this Jesus, another god, could heal their child. They asked the Christian to pray for me in the name of Jesus Christ. They were hoping to see a miracle, but prepared for the worst. We had been let down so many times.

The man of God began to pray for me. He asked God to touch me and heal me for His glory. We were amazed. The miracle was happening.

Soon after the very first prayer for my healing, I felt better. The healing was there for all to see; my family knew they had indeed seen the living God at work.

We thanked our Christian friend and asked him to continue to pray for my complete healing. He promised to pray for me.

He also introduced my family to a Christian radio program [produced by Good Books, Back to God Ministries’ partner in northern India.] He told us to tune in to the program to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ. We found the program and started faithfully listening to it.

Through this program we came to know who the Lord Jesus is and why He came into this world. My family was truly blessed by the program and what it offered. In time we started trusting the Lord. As we listened to the message from God’s Word and joined the speaker in prayer, my family asked the Lord to heal me completely.

Gradually, I showed more improvement, and finally I was totally cured.

My whole family thanked the Lord for not only healing me, but also for using my ailment to bring us to faith in Christ. We gave ourselves completely into His hands and accepted Him as our personal Savior. My whole community was stunned by the miracle the Lord performed in my life.

Now my sister and I have become messengers for the Gospel. We not only witness among the people of our village, but also travel around from village to village, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. I share how the Lord healed me and touched the lives of my family members, saving us from the clutches of sin.

We also introduce people to the radio program and encourage them to listen. Most of the villages we visit are remote and do not have church groups. The Christian radio program gives people their daily spiritual nourishment and helps them grow in faith.

Please pray for my sister and me as we tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that many people may be saved through our testimony.

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