Providing for the Physical and Spiritual Needs in India

November 13, 2020 • Hindi


The road where Soni* and her husband do business has been much less-traveled this year. Customers aren’t going out to buy new clay pots from Soni and few people are visiting restaurants like the one where her husband worked.

India currently has the second highest number of positive COVID-19 cases, and has gone under a series of lockdowns and re-openings.

“Due to lockdown, Soni’s husband lost his job as a waiter and Soni has had a hard time selling her clay pots,” shared a member of* ReFrame Ministries’s Hindi ministry team. “The family had nothing to survive.”

While much of the BTGMI Hindi team’s work revolves around creating media-based gospel programs in northern India, the team also works closely with local churches to meet physical needs. Providing sewing classes, afterschool programs, and food assistance programs are just a few of the ministry’s regular services, even before the pandemic.

As BTGMI Hindi ministry staff began hearing more and more stories like Soni’s, they doubled down on these efforts, offering masks, and other supplies to people in need, particularly the communities where their studios are located. This is how God led Soni and her family to the ministry.

“The distribution of food essentials through the local churches has gained goodwill among the people,” said a BTGMI Hindi ministry team member. “This also opens an opportunity to share the gospel.”

When Soni first received food through this program a few weeks after her husband lost his job, she felt grateful. But she also grew curious about the spiritual aspects of the ministry.

“A few days later, we received a call from Soni,” says BTGMI’s Hindi ministry leader. “She wanted to know more about Jesus.”

During the pandemic, the Hindi ministry team has been offering special Bible study sessions over the internet, and have added to their online programming. All of these resources were helpful for sharing the gospel with Soni.

Several months later, Soni contacted staff with another update. She and her family had accepted Christ as their savior.

BTGMI’s Hindi ministry team shared the following requests for friends of BTGMI to pray for:

  • Pray for the new fellowship groups that are started online that the Lord may guide the group and they may grow in understanding and trust in God.
  • Pray for Reena and her family members. Reena also lost her job and shares, “We now realize that this is actually a spiritual blessing. We now have the time to get closer to God and seek him through fellowship and your ministry has been leading us to the Word of God. Thank You.”
  • It is difficult to reach remote villages with the internet, as the people are poor and cannot afford smartphones or the internet prices. Please pray that God will remove these barriers to the gospel.

*Full names have been removed from this story for security reasons.

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