Prisoner Shares about Growth in Suffering

March 18, 2021 • English

Prisoner John

Throughout March, Today devotional readers have been exploring different examples of growth in times of suffering in the Bible.

The devotionals are especially timely for those who are reading Today from prison.

About 13,500 Today booklets reach prisoners or prison chaplains who request them to share with inmates.

Many of these prisoners send notes about the ways that God has been speaking to them and comforting them with scripture despite being at the lowest point of their lives.

“I lost everything but found the love of Jesus,” John shared in his letter from prison to Today.

After John reads his Today booklets in prison, he usually passes them out to his fellow inmates, praying that they, too, will find Jesus’ love in their words.

But there is one booklet he holds onto.

“I keep a special issue in my Bible and read it again when I feel like I am without the presence of Jesus,” John said. “It seems to talk to me when I’m lost.”

The devotional specifically addresses growth and suffering from prison, drawing from Peter’s time in prison (Acts 12).

“God has a plan for each of us in our lives, and he calls us to serve him until he is ready to take us to be with him,” Park writes.

Like Peter, John also recognizes that God can bring him comfort from the prayers of others. That’s why he—and many other prisoners—regularly ask for prayers from the Today community.

“I need your prayers to get me through this,” John wrote in a letter while he was waiting for his trial to begin. “Please pray that things will be okay for me and that God’s will be done.”

“Thank you so very much for the devotionals,” John added. “They have uplifted my spirits and brought me closer to Jesus.”

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